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Garden Hoses

Comprehensive information on a variety of types of garden hoses, their materials and applications for your garden. Find the best garden hose for your garden.

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Hose Reels & Storage

All your storage solutions for hoses in one place. Including information on hose reels and other storage accessories, to help them maintain a tidy and organized outdoor space.

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Select which garden hose accessories you need, such as nozzles, sprayers, and connectors and more. The best way to enhance the functionality of your garden hose.

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Gardening Made Easy

Having the right equipment makes gardening a breeze!

We’re passionate about our gardens, and investing in quality equipment has truly transformed our experience. Whether you’re a vegetable enthusiast, flower aficionado, or homesteader, you’ll discover everything you need to meet your watering requirements.

Our Top Accessory Picks for 2024

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Discover Our Top Picks for Garden Hoses in 2024!

Explore durable, flexible, and convenient options designed to meet all your watering needs.

Explore Our Top Accessories for Your Garden Hose!

Enhance your watering experience with convenient and practical additions to your garden hose.

Our Buyers Guide to Garden Hoses & Accessories

Our guide to help you to find the right garden hose for you and your garden. We will cover the many factors to consider when choosing a garden hose for your needs. When looking at hoses and accessories not all are created equal and garden hoses have come a long way over the years! Materials have improved to extend the life of your hose and make them easier to maneuver. And the accessories can be more durable and even great innovative storage ideas are available.

Factors When Choosing Your Hose

When choosing your garden hose you want to make sure it suits its purpose. Think about where in the garden you will use it, will it be in one place or movable, your climate and the general usage for the hose. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best garden hose and accessories.

  • Types of Garden Hoses
  • Materials and Durability
  • Size and Length
  • Flexibility and Kink Resistance
  • Weight and Maneuverability
  • Connectors and Accessories
  • UV Resistance and Weather Durability
  • Storage and Maintenance

Here at the Garden Hose Zone we will walk you through many of the features of the different hoses and accessories available. We do all the research and comparisons so you don’t have to.

What Makes a Great Hose?

There are three main criteria that need to be considered when choosing which garden hose is best for you. 

Here’s our quick tips on what makes a great garden hose.

Durability- The best garden hose is made from high quality material that will withstand wear and tear from garden usage, resist kinking and last.

Flexibility and Maneuverability- A great garden hose is flexible and easy to move around. It needs to be able to navigate around the obstacles in your garden or space without kinking.

Efficient Watering- An ideal garden hose needs to provide efficient water delivery for the intended task. This allows for optimal water flow. Matching the right nozzle to your hose is essential in being able to control the water pressure, flow and distribution of water. 


Our Top Watering Accessories For 2024

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