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DIY Garden Hose Storage Ideas – A Guide To Neat, Tidy, And Affordable Hose Storage

If you are searching for DIY Garden Hose Storage Ideas, this blog post is for you! Our blog offers a wide variety of ideas for garden hose storage, such as wall-mounted hoses, hose racks, garden hose stands, and more.

A garden hose is useful for many things, like watering flowers or the lawn and cleaning the yard or driveway. When not in use, it usually goes into a closet or basement, where it can get damaged. Therefore, properly storing your hose will avoid any mishaps and get it out of the way.

A garden hose storage idea should be something that is easily installed and provides easy access. We have gathered the best garden hose storage ideas and tips here. These include various designs for storing hoses and outdoor water storage in the yard. Find out all about small-space solutions for storing outdoor garden hoses below.

What To Consider When Storing A Garden Hose?

Garden hoses are handy for many reasons. Not only can you use them to water the lawn or plants, but they can be used to spray down your car or clean up leaves and other debris in your yard. However, there are a few things that you should consider when storing a garden hose.

There are a few different types of garden hoses, and each has its pros and cons. For example, a rubber hose is more durable than an electric model, but it may break over time. On the other hand, an electric model is easier to install, but it needs proper care and storage to last long.

You can keep a garden hose inside your home or outside on the patio, but some people find it more convenient to store their hose in the garage. However, using the best DIY garden hose storage ideas will ensure that your hose is properly maintained and doesn’t kink or damage. This is one of the most important considerations to ensure that your hose lasts longer.

The Best DIY Garden Hose Storage Ideas

For all the great ideas you have for your garden hose, let me give you the best DIY garden hose storage ideas. For years, I kept my garden hoses in the garage, where they ended up on the floor and got damaged over time. So I made it a point to research and find the best ways to store them.

Here are five of the best DIY garden hose storage ideas that I came across while doing my research. I hope you enjoy these and use them as inspiration for some creative ideas of your own. 

DIY Storage Ideas:

1. One of the easiest ways to store your garden hoses is with an old tire and a sturdy wire tie. This recycled tire planter is a great option if you’re looking for a more permanent hose storage solution. It makes for a functional, attractive addition to your yard.

2. A simple way to store your garden hose is by hanging it from a ceiling beam. You can also store it in a closet or under a sink.

3. Another easy and affordable option for storing your garden hose is to build a garden hose holder out of PVC pipe and cement.

4. Don’t forget to use a cover for your garden hose when not in use. This will prevent water damage and pests from getting into your garden hose.

5. You can easily remove the rubber stopper on your garden hose to stop the water flow. You can then attach a hook to it for hanging it.

Learn how to make your own garden hose holder in this easy video

 How do you store discharge from a hose

Other Simple Garden Hose Storage Tips

A garden hose is an indispensable item in any home, but it can also make the place look untidy if it’s not properly stored. As mentioned above, there are several DIY garden hose storage ideas that you can use. However, listed below are other simple garden hose storage tips and more.

There are so many ways to store your garden hose without cluttering up your yard or taking up storage space. You can use items like garbage cans, flower pots, and even buckets to keep your garden hose in style.

Many gardeners don’t really pay much attention to where they keep their hoses which results in problems. However, if you’re having trouble finding a good spot for storage, take a good look around your yard. Most likely, you’ll find some free space for it, such as under a tree, against a wall, or along the side of a shed.

Keep your hose in a place where it’s easy to find, like a handy storage solution, but also where it won’t damage plants or flowers. You might choose to place it near a plant, a watering can, a sprinkler, or other equipment to help make it easier to access.

Whether you store your garden hose on your patio, by your back door, or in a closet, you will be grateful for these simple yet ingenious DIY garden hose storage ideas. Make sure hoses are not stored in a humid or wet environment, as a clean, dry space will help to keep your garden hoses in good condition for a longer period of time.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Wooden Garden Hose Storage? 

It is not uncommon to find people who prefer using plastic hose storage on their garden hoses. However, wood is better for a more fashionable look and long-term use. There are also several DIY garden hose storage ideas that can be done using wood.

Listed below are the benefits of using wooden garden hose storage ideas.


Wood has a natural beauty and rustic feel. It also adds an element of interest to your garden.
When wood is used as a garden hose storage, you will not need to buy a lot of other supplies to store your hose.
Wooden garden hose storages are not easy to damage because they are solid.
It is much easier to maintain a wooden garden hose storage because it doesn’t need to be cleaned as often.
A wooden garden hose storage can be painted and decorated according to your preference.
It is also possible to use bamboo as a garden hose storage. However, it is very expensive.


The garden hose is one of the most useful items in your home, but it’s also the most forgotten item on your list of things to store. Most people have a bunch of hoses strewn about the house and then end up storing them in a closet or under a sink.

However, a well-stocked home should have a good supply of hoses, and there are many reasons why you should store your hoses properly. Using the best DIY garden hose storage ideas will also save you a lot of hassles. Hoses can be expensive as some can cost over $30. For an average person, this can be a significant amount of money to spend.

Storage can be tricky. While some hoses can fit under a sink, others need to be stored on a shelf or rack. When you are choosing where to store your hoses, you want to make sure that it is somewhere that is easy to access.

However, you also want to make sure that your hoses are securely stored and that they won’t slip off of their rack. Click on the link for tips on storing big garden hoses. 

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