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Owning A Garden Hose That Won’t Kink – A Homeowners Guide To Kink-free Hosing

Owning a Garden Hose that Won’t Kink is but a dream for most gardeners or homeowners. Well, we have news for you because you too can now own a hose that won’t kink. In this blog, we discuss garden hoses, the various types, their qualities, and much more.

With the variety of hoses available online and at local home care centers, you can easily take your pick. Choosing one that best suits your needs and is kink resistant can be a tedious task with the number of brands available. Therefore, we have gathered useful information that is meant to help you with your purchase.

Before you buy a hose, there are a few things to consider. Think about what exactly you need to use the hose for, eg. watering the garden, washing windows, washing your car, etc. Be sure to do your homework before investing as this will ensure that you are not disappointed with your purchase. Materials, build, care, and maintenance play a big part in the longevity of hoses. Have a look at the information below to find out more.

Types Of Garden Hoses – Materials And Build

The need for a good quality hose is always on a gardener’s mind. However, the question that arises is “will I be able to get a garden hose that won’t kink”? Below, we take a look at a few types of garden hoses, their materials, and their build.

 Do rubber garden hoses kink?


  • Expandable Hose – This lightweight hose affords you easy storage as it only expands when filled with water.
  • Kink Free Hose – Hoses that are usually moved around a lot are prone to kinks. Now available for your convenience, you can get a kink-free hose that is available online and at local home and garden stores.
  • Hot Water Compatible Hose – If you plan on using your hose to transport hot water through them, you can opt for one that is rated for use of hot water.
  • Vinyl Hose – If you are tight on a budget to buy a hose, this would be your best option. Although not as flexible as a rubber hose, it can still get the job done.
  • Soak and Spray Hose – This is an ideal choice for homeowners that need to control as well as water their garden simultaneously. The holes on the top of the hose allow for the hose to spray whilst acting as a normal garden hose at the same time.
  • Lead-Free Hose – If you are thinking of using your garden hose for drinking water, this is ideal. Kids can be safe when drinking water from this hose.
  • Stainless Steel Garden Hose – Known for durability, this hose is sure not to easily kink. However, as with all hoses, each has its own benefits as well as drawbacks.

Garden Hose That Won’t Kink

Having kinks in your hose is common and can also be challenging. However, if you invest in a good quality garden hose that won’t kink you can save yourself a lot of undue frustration. Investing in a hose that is manufactured with good quality materials will afford you one that is durable.

Before you purchase a new hose, check to see if it is a kink-free hose. You can easily determine this by bending the hose at least 90 degrees. This should give you a clear indication of whether the hose is flexible enough or not.

 Does Flexzilla garden hose kink?

Here Are a Few Kink-free Garden Hoses Available Online:

– Flexi Hose
– Gardguard kink-free hose
– Gpeng lightweight hose
– Vieneci 100ft garden hose
– Pocket Hose
– Buheco Lightweight hose
– Teknor Apex hose
– Zero-G lightweight hose
– Worth Garden hose
– Skywoo lightweight hose

Take a look below at a few things that you can do to unkink a garden hose. Learn more about garden hoses from the American Rose Society

How To Unkink A Garden Hose

If you find kinks in your hose, this can be a sign that your hose is of poor quality or that it was not properly stored. Below are a few tips on how to unkink a garden hose.


1. Lay the hose outstretched to its full length in direct sunlight for a few hours. Once heated, it will expand and become more workable. This will make it much easier to remove the kinks by patting them or undoing the kink.
2. Kinks lead to damage, so if the hose is badly kinked, you might need to cut out the damaged section and repair it using connectors.
3. You can also attach a spray nozzle to the hose. Open the faucet and allow the hose to fill. Once filled, you will see the hose resume its usual shape as the kinks disappear. Thereafter, close the faucet and allow the water to drain. This procedure should rectify the kink.

 Is a rubber hose better than a PVC hose?

Tips to Avoid Hose Kinks

How frustrating it is when the hose starts to kink? Just like all homeowners and gardens that experience this, I too would like to have a garden hose that won’t kink. There are a few contributing factors that lead to kinks in a garden hose. Let us take a look at a few ways to avoid garden hose kinks.


Consider buying a garden hose that won’t kink. This can save you a lot of hassles if not money in the long run.
To avoid kinks, be sure to store your hose properly. Make sure that the hose is fully drained before you store it away. This eliminates the problem of hoops developing.
You can also opt to wrap your hose around a retractable hose reel. This is sure to keep your hose well-maintained and neat.
Every once in a while, before you use your hose, lay it out straight on the ground and check for flaws. By doing this you can avoid further damage.
Lay the hose out in the sun and allow it to expand, this helps rid the hose of kinks once to train it back to its usual shape.


If you are tired of repairing your garden hose time and again; well, with the different varieties of hoses available, getting a garden hose that won’t kink is much easier than you think. In this blog post, we have discussed hoses, the varieties, and the materials used to manufacture them.

We have also given you tips on how to unkink a garden hose and how to avoid them. There are many uses for a garden hose which is beneficial to homeowners. If it has been properly cared for, it could last you for many years to come. The rubber and vinyl hoses are the most common and cost-effective. However, they can easily damage if not stored correctly.

The idea of buying a new hose can be exciting but do make sure that you do your homework before you invest. As I said earlier, do not be penny wise and pound foolish as choosing the best hose for your application should be a priority. Watch the next video to see how kink removal is easily done. 


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