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4 Unique And Beautiful Decorative Garden Hose Wreath Ideas

If you are looking for garden hose wreath ideas, you have come to the right place! Today we will be going over beautiful garden hose wreath ideas where you can use your old and broken garden hoses to create something beautiful. If you simply want to store your garden hose temporarily, using tape or zip ties can do the trick.

Beginners that have never made a wreath on their own should have no fears. It is simple to follow the instructions down below and only takes between 10 to 40 minutes, depending on how many decorations you want to add to the stunning garden hose wreath.

What Is A Wreath?

There are many types of wreaths, which can make this question hard to answer. But, usually, a wreath is a circular decoration made of foliage like branches and leaves. It is ring-shape and the origin dates back to Ancient Greece where Greeks and Romans would hand make these styles of wreaths.

The Greeks and Romans made these beautiful decorative pieces as headdresses that would represent a person’s occupation and status in society. Usually, fruits the size of small berries and flowers would be intertwined inside of the headdress wreaths with branches and other wood plants.

Later on, wreaths became a decoration and a symbol representing Christmas and other Christian religious holidays. It is thought, by Christians, that wreaths were made 1,000 years before Christ and are actually ‘advent wreaths’ symbolizing the strength of life after long and harsh winters. They were made with evergreens and rarely decorated.

Now, the wreaths we see and make are more colorful and diverse. Some people even create wreaths when it is not time for Christmas or the Winter holidays! They make wonderful door decorations for homes and small apartments since they bring color and life to open and solid-colored spaces.

 How can I make a wreath?

How To Make Wreaths From Garden Hoses

Making wreaths from garden hoses are surprisingly easy. You won’t have to struggle long when making these beautiful wreaths because of how simple they are. Instead, think about how you will decorate your wreaths once they are constructed and where you want to place them in your home or yard!

4 Garden Hose Wreath Ideas

Listed below are four garden hose wreath ideas to consider when making your own. You can always buy a garden hose wreath, but it is more satisfying to plan, create, and make your very own home and garden piece!

Zip Ties and Floral Tape

If you do not want to use your hot glue gun or nails for your wreath, you can try zip ties and floral tape. You will need to start by cutting your garden hose so that it is not too long. If your garden hose is over four feet long, it can be hard to wrap it into a wreath because of the awkward length and thickness.

Using box cutters or ultra thick and strong scissors, cut the garden hose to size. Find somewhere in your home with a hook, like a towel rack hook. Place your garden hose on the hook and wrap it around the hook so that is looks like a ring or circle.

The garden hose will not stay in place, so with one hand holding the garden hose together in a circle, you will use the other hand to secure the hose together using zip ties or floral tape. Only add zip ties to one small section of your garden hose wreath if you don’t want anyone to see the tape or ties.

You can also use a tape that is the same color of your garden hose, but it is not always likely that you will find the same color. Floral tape does lose its stickiness with time, so securing it with both should do the trick! Once this step is complete, use floral foam and a hot glue gun to add decorations like butterflies, flowers, birds, and gems.

 How do you make a fake outdoor wreath?

Temporary Garden Hose Wreaths

If you only want a temporary garden hose wreath, you will follow most of the instructions listed above, with a few small changes. Garden hose wreath ideas are great, but most are permanent. Instead of using harsh zip ties which can damage your garden hose, you should consider using velcro and other temporary solutions.

The velcro will need to be strong enough to hold the thick garden hose in place. For temporary garden hose wreath ideas, make sure that you find old garden hoses that are not longer than four feet. As soon as you cut a garden hose, it can make it very hard to put it back together for use in your garden.

Decorating with Ribbons

As soon as your garden hose wreath ideas are established, you can start decorating and adding beautiful designs. You can use items like paint, stencils, gems, and sprays to create pretty designs. However, if you want something more temporary, that covers your garden hose, you can wrap ribbon around your garden hose wreath!

It is a lot easier to decorate the garden hose wreath with ribbons before you tie it together and add glue or other adhesives.

Holiday-Themed Garden Hose Wreaths

The Holidays are a beautiful time of year filled with joy, winter fun, and family! If you have an old garden hose laying around that does not work anymore, why not make it into a holiday-themed garden hose? This is my favorite of the garden hose wreath ideas because you can add colors like green, red, and silver to make the garden hose pop!

Decorating with red and silver flowers and candy canes can give the garden hose wreath a beautiful and timeless look!

 How do you make a wreath out of a garden hose?


When looking online for garden hose wreath ideas, it can be overwhelming since there are so many. Thankfully, we have split it up for you with four unique ideas where you can use garden hoses to make dazzling wreaths by adding decorations and paint.

What do you think about our innovative garden hose wreath ideas? Let us know in the comments section below what you think about the ideas and if you have any other ideas or recommendations. Know anyone else interested in garden hose wreath ideas? Send them our way!


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