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How To Clean Algae From A Hose – A Homeowners Guide For Effective Hose Cleaning

In this blog post, we talk about How to Clean Algae from a Hose. We also discuss the benefits of a hose, garden hose storage tips, and more. Because algae have similar organisms to plants, they can be classified as one.

Algae is actually very good for the earth as it essentially produces a very large amount of oxygen. Although it is found mostly under the sea, it can grow anywhere provided there is sunlight and water availability.

As much as algae benefit us by giving off oxygen, it can also become unsightly if it grows in the wrong places like your pond, gutter, or garden hose. Because it thrives in water, it can grow easily in garden hoses. Let’s find out how to clean algae from a hose!

Types Of Hoses

There are several types of hoses available online or from your local home and garden stores. Choosing the right hose can be a tedious task; however, this would also depend on what you intend to use it for. Think of a garden hose as a tool. Having the right tool to complete any task is important. Therefore, choosing the correct hose for your application is vital.

Garden hoses come in different lengths and diameters. If you have a small garden, there is no need to go out and buy a long garden hose. Choose a hose that will suit your need. Rubber garden hoses are the most common and cost-effective. They are durable and last much longer than vinyl hoses.

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If your rubber hose gets damaged, it can be easily repaired by using a hose repair kit as it is much cheaper to repair than to replace. There are also metal hoses that are commonly used amongst others. The choice of which one best suits your needs is up to you.

Algae can easily grow inside the hose as it holds water. This can be unhealthy as we sometimes tend to drink water out of the hose. Below we give you some tips on how to clean algae from a hose.

How to Clean Algae from a Hose?

Water generally flows freely through any hose. However, If you notice the flow of water reducing or that it is not clean enough, then this is a clear sign that your hose needs cleaning. So, “how to clean algae from a hose” you ask?

Cleaning your hose is not a major task. You can buy algae cleaner from your local homecare store or opt for a homemade cleaning solution. If you go with the latter, then using a mix of caustic soda and bleach will get the job done. Mix these two components together in a bucket of water and run it through the hose in a rotational fashion.

The method that I have found that is less time-consuming and totally cost-free is to hammer the hose. All you need to do is take a hammer, we all have this handy tool at home, and knock on the hose. Knocking it will loosen the algae and make it run out freely with the water flow. Here’s a video to show you how it’s done. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Hose?

If you don’t already own a hose and you are using a bucket to wash your car or water the lawn or garden, then you are wasting valuable time. Below we look at the benefits of a hose. Algae can easily build up in a bucket of water but if you are using a hose, we have already given you information on how to clean algae from a hose.

Below we Take a Look at a Few Advantages of Having a Hose, Be it a Garden Hose or a High-pressure Hose.

  • Firstly, carrying water in a bucket or a watering can, can be tedious and inconvenient. With a garden hose, watering tasks are made much easier.
  • The hose can exend to where you need it so those hard-to-reach places are easily accessible.
  • A hose is a handy tool to have for washing your car. Using a hose to wash the wheels or undercarriage is a much more effective way of getting rid of the dirt that is stuck in the crevices.
  • Filling your pool with a hose will be ideal as it’s time-saving and convenient. You can sit back and relax while the hose does the work.
  • We all know how kids love playing with water so they will be more than willing to assist when it comes to watering the garden. They can have some real fun outdoors while attempting watering tasks. Hoses are also safe for them to use.

Garden Hose Storage Tips

So, now that know how to clean algae from a hose, finding a suitable place to store it is important if you want it to last long. Leaving it lying around can cause it to kink and damage the hose. To avoid this, see below for a few tips on garden hose storage ideas.

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Storage Tips:

  • The most common place used to store a hose is in the garage or shed. Store it in a place where it is easily accessible. Use a bracket to wrap the hose around. There is nothing worse than pulling and pushing stuff around just to get to the hose when you need it.
  • In recent years, people have been really innovative and have come up with some really brilliant decorative ideas to store a hose. Buying a decorative hose holder will add beauty to your garden and keep your hose protected.
  • You can use a garden hose reel for storage. These are cost-effective and easily available at local hardware stores and garden centers.
  • If you have old pots or buckets that you want to throw away, drill a hole in them wide enough to accommodate the width of the hose. Place the hose in these with the spigot out. You can paint these pots to make them look decorative. Alternatively, you can also purchase hose pots to store them.


If you have a garden then having a hose at home is no more a luxury, in fact, it has become a must-have item. We have discussed above how to clean algae from a hose, so keeping it clean should not be difficult.

Using your hose to wash your car on the weekends can be an enjoyable task. Getting the kids involved whilst washing your car or watering the garden can be a perfect way to bond with them whilst at the same time having some fun together. However, ensuring that the hose is kept clean all the time should also be a priority.

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When storing your hose, make sure it is properly drained. Finding space for storage is no big deal. We have given you a few great ideas above that are effective ways to store them. The decorative pots can enhance the look of your garden as well. If you want to design your own pot to store your hose, you have the advantage of decorating them to suit your landscape. Have a look at this question-and-answer forum to stop algae build-up in your hose. 


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