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How To Drain A Fish Tank With A Garden Hose – A Comprehensive Guide For Easy Cleaning

If you want to know How to Drain a Fish Tank with a Garden Hose, then the information in this blog post will be useful. We help you to make the task of cleaning your fish tank quick and easy with simple tips that can be done in no time. To have a crystal-clear tank with happy fish, using efficient maintenance strategies is recommended.

Garden hoses have been around for a long time and can be used for several different applications in the house, yard, and garden. Learning how to drain the tank using a hose would be convenient especially if you already have one.

As a part of the fish tank maintenance and care plan, draining it is essential. This is because you may need to clean the aquarium, fix a leak, or replace the dirty water. Whatever the case, have a look below and find out how it’s done!

What To Consider Before Draining A Fish Tank?

There are several things to consider when draining a fish tank as you would have to be extra cautious while doing it. Firstly, you will need to remove all the pebbles and decorative objects from the aquarium and set them aside in individual containers.

Thereafter, you need to ensure that the fish is safely transferred into a fishbowl or container with ample water. You would also need to put the bowl in a safe place, so it does not topple over. Then, if you follow our guide on how to drain a fish tank with a garden hose, you will have no problem emptying the water out.

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Remember, that although it may seem easy to take everything out of your aquarium, it should be done with caution and care. Also, you will need to rinse the objects that you removed from the tank, so they are clean when you refill it.

Make sure that your tank is near a kitchen or bathroom sink with a compatible faucet so your hose can drain and refill the tank easily.

How to Drain a Fish Tank with a Garden Hose?

So, your fish tank needs to be emptied and you’re wondering how to drain a fish tank with a garden hose! Well, the good news is that it can be done efficiently if you follow the correct tips. Firstly, you should remove the fish and other objects before you get started. Make sure that you have the right-sized fish net for this task.

Thereafter, disconnect the tank from the power supply which is linked to the filter, lights, and heater. Also, make sure to be cautious as nobody wants a spill of water to mess the place up. To avoid this, secure the area around the tank with a cloth or other materials that will soak up the spill, should it occur.

When draining the aquarium, ensure that the bucket used to collect the water is sitting much lower than the base of the tank as this will increase water flow when siphoning with a garden hose. Then, hold the hose in a U shape, and using the bathroom or kitchen tap, fill it till the water reaches both ends.

Secure the ends with your thumbs to avoid spillage and make your way to the tank and bucket. Thereafter, place one end of the tube inside the bottom of the tank and the other in the bucket and watch how it easily siphons the water. Here’s a video with a short tutorial to easily drain water using a short hose. 

Garden Hose Types

When looking at how to drain a fish tank with a garden hose, knowing the differences between the hoses would be useful. Depending on the type of hose you use in your house, yard, or garden, the task of siphoning can be made much simpler.

There are several aspects to take into account when buying a garden hose. These include design, flexibility, size, applications, weight, materials, and more. Let’s have a look at the types of hoses below.


1. PVC Hoses – are widely used as they’re durable, work well for most applications, and are great for tasks like fish tank cleaning. It is best to store them in a hose trolley to ensure they last a long time.
2. Flexible Hoses – are trendy because of their ability to expand thrice their original size giving the user leeway to cover a larger area when cleaning or maintaining the yard and garden. They can be used for several applications and are also easy to store as they fit in small spaces. They are also lightweight. Flexible hoses and expandable hoses are perfect for draining your fish tank.
3. Rubber Hoses – are amongst the most durable garden hoses as they are made from strong materials. Although they are heavy, rubber hoses are also environmentally friendly as they do not contain harmful materials like plasticizers.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Garden Hose

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Garden hoses are widely used as they have many advantages. They meet the needs of homeowners and gardeners when it comes to watering applications and yard maintenance. You can also use them for siphoning as we have given you information on how to drain a fish tank with a garden hose.

However, although they are handy tools to have at your disposal, they do have a few disadvantages especially if they are neglected. Listed below are the pros and cons of a garden hose. 

• Garden hoses are made for convenience and avoid the task of using watering cans to maintain your plants.
• You can also use the hose as an outdoor shower if connected securely to your rainwater storage tank.
• You can use the hose to clean the yard and outdoor equipment.
• Garden hoses can also be used indoors for various applications as they connect easily to your kitchen or bathroom faucets.
• They are inexpensive and long-lasting if properly maintained.
• You have a choice of various types of hoses to suit your needs.
• You can use them to empty or fill your pool.

• If not properly maintained, garden hoses can develop a build-up of mold and bacteria.
• Depending on the hose materials, some garden hoses may contain elevated levels of chemical elements.
• Garden hoses are prone to kinking if not properly maintained.


If you are an aquarium owner, having knowledge of how to drain a fish tank with a garden hose is essential. Garden hoses are efficient tools that make the task of siphoning much simpler. It does not require extraordinary equipment as just a few tips will get the job done successfully.

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Cleaning a fish tank can be tedious if you have to empty it manually. However, now that you know how to do it using a hose pipe, you should get it done in minimal time. Also, did you know that you can use your hose to also drain your pond or pool?

Well, it can be done if you know how to do it. It’s quick, easy, and hassle-free and works at a steady pace. Make sure to look at the size, materials, and flexibility when making your garden hose purchase.

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