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Which Unit Is Best To Measure The length Of A Garden Hose? 3 Different Units And Measurement Types

Are you looking for a garden hose but are wondering, which unit is best to measure the length of a garden hose? We can easily help you find the best measurement as well as unit to use! The answer really depends on what you will be using the garden hose for. For instance, smaller homes and apartments may not need a long garden hose.

If you are a gardening beginner and want to know which unit is best to measure the length of a garden hose, you are in the right place! From what we know, typically the best measurement is in feet or yards because a garden hose can be long. Down below we will discuss the various measurements and methods to effectively use them.

How To Measure The Length Of A Garden Hose

It is surprisingly easy to measure the length of a garden hose. However, it is easiest instead to buy a garden hose with the label on it. This way, you won’t have to guess or do the hard work to find exactly what the length of the garden hose is.

However, if you want to know the specifics, you can stretch out the garden hose on the ground, before rolling it up. Using a long measuring tape that is flexible, measure from one end to the next. This will only be accurate though if the measuring tape stays in place and the garden hose is elongated.

Why Is The Length Of A Garden Hose Important?

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The length of a garden hose is very important! If you buy one that is too short or too long, it can make working in your garden harder then you would think. Actually, first you need to consider the purpose behind buying a garden hose. How large is the area you need to stretch and move the garden hose to?

Measure the length of the area when you find which unit is best to measure the length of a garden hose. With this measurement, you can make an educated guess at finding the best garden hose with an appropriate length.

Which Unit Is Best To Measure the length Of A Garden Hose?

Now, which unit is best to measure the length of a garden hose? It is not easy to answer this question because it is really all about preference. Although this is the case, it is more common to see a garden hose advertized with the units of feet and yards.

1. Centimeters/Inches

Most experts and gardeners frown upon using either inches or centimeters when you are determining the exact length of a garden hose. This is the case because a garden hose is usually about 25 to 100 feet long. Doing the math, 25 feet is a lot of inches and even more centimeters.

Actually, you should only use the unit of centimeters or inches alongside another unit. For example, if you are using feet, then you can have a leftover or rest in centimeters and inches. That being said, if you are looking at the fittings and metallic pieces, the answer to Which unit is best to measure the length of a garden hose is centimeters.

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2. Feet

Usually, I recommend using feet when you want to find Which unit is best to measure the length of a garden hose. This is because feet is a perfect happy medium between inches and yards. In  one yard, there is three feet, and also in one food, there is approximately 12 inches. The higher the number, the more complicated the conversion.

If you want to use feet to determine the length of your garden hose, then it is best to use a large measuring tape. Feet is great for both small and large garden hoses. The larger a garden hose though, the more complicated it is to measure.

3. Yards

What about yards? Actually, when you buy a new garden hose, there is a high chance that the measurement is in yards. Since there is 3 feet to one yard, this means that a yard is cleaner. It is also a lot easier to visualize when someone is talking about yards, since yard sticks are common in schools.

Best Practices For Elongating A Garden Hose

When measuring a garden hose, you will need to spread it out and keep it elongated so that you can properly measure the overall length. To do this, find an area where you have plenty of room. Usually, this is a backyard or front yard with about 100 square feet of space.  Then, tape one end to the ground and stretch until the garden hose is straight.

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Preserving Your Garden Hose

Thankfully, there are many ways you can preserve your garden hose so that you can keep its length at an accurate measurement. The way to do this is to wrap your garden hose the way it is shown in the instructions! If not, you can cause the material that wraps around the garden hose to weaken, leading to leaks and cracks.

These leaks and cracks can accidentally break and tear! Another way to preserve your garden hose is to use it frequently. The longer you go without stretching and using your garden hose with water, the higher chance there is of increasing rust, which can affect the overall length and durability of the garden hose.


When you are looking into which unit is best to measure the length of a garden hose, it is important to consider your needs and requirements. Not all of us have large backyards or front yards and a long garden hose only gets in the way. Instead of finding the longest garden hose, find one that fits you and growing your needs.

What do you think about this article on which unit is best to measure the length of a garden hose? If you have any questions or comments about finding the best unit of measurement for a garden hose, let us know in the comments below! Before you can make a decision on buying a new garden hose, it is best to know the exact measurements.


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