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Homemade Garden Hose Hanger – A Comprehensive Guide For Neat And Tidy Hose Storage

Homemade garden hose hangers are amongst the best DIY projects for both homeowners and gardeners. It is simple to do if you have all the materials and tools and it makes everything look much neater. As we all know, garden hoses are much needed to lighten the load of watering and cleaning around the yard.

However, they can be difficult to store which is annoying. Furthermore, if your hose is not properly stored, you will find yourself having to purchase a new one quicker than you think. This is because incorrectly storing them or leaving them lying around can cause irreparable damage.

That’s whys it is essential to properly maintain your hose by having a homemade garden hose hanger. It will avoid kink and other avoidable damages so that your hose can last much longer. Have a look at the information below before your start your hose hanger project.

What Is A Garden Hose Hanger?

A garden hose hanger is one of the best storage racks to have if you make use of a hose frequently. You can erect the hanger anywhere in your yard or garage and use it to easily store your hose. It ensures that your hose stays in place when not in use and that your yard stays neat and tidy.

A homemade garden hose hanger is easy to make. It is meant to loop your hose around it as it is freestanding. However, make sure that it is properly erected when wrapping your hose around it. If it’s not securely in place, then it will topple with the weight of the hose.

Therefore, it is vital to consider the length of the hose, diameter, materials, and flexibility before making your hose hanger. This will ensure that you build a sturdy structure that will handle the capacity of your garden hose.

 How do you make a garden hose hanger?

What is the Best Type of Garden Hose Available?

There are several types of garden hoses easily available at your local home and garden center and online. Depending on your hose application needs and budget, you can choose from different colors, sizes, materials, flexibility, durability, and more.

However, although most hoses come with a lasting assurance, maintaining them will be your best solution to keep them in use for longer. Therefore, a homemade garden hose hanger is an excellent storage option especially if you don’t have the space.

The best type of hose is a rubber garden hose. Although they are pricier than other hoses, they are durable, versatile, and long-lasting which is a plus. It is kink and cracks resistant because of its tough build. However, rubber hoses are far from lightweight. So, make sure that your hose hanger can handle the heaviness of these hoses.

How Do I Make A Hose Hanger – DIY Tips

A homemade garden hose hanger is the best solution to keep the yard neat and tidy. Not only will a neglected hose get damaged because of exposure to the elements, but it’s sometimes also a sight for sore eyes when spruced untidily on the ground. The best way to avoid that is to ensure that they are properly stored.

Building a hose hanger is simple and easy. All you need is the right set of tools and some materials. The job of constructing it will be a breeze if you have everything on hand. So, here’s what you’ll need before you start!

 How do you make a hose reel?


  1. You will need a wooden board that is available at your local hardware. Make sure that the board is cut according to your preference to make the hose hanger.
  2. A wooden finial which you can also buy at your local hardware store.
  3. A hose holder which is easily available at Walmart. It costs around $10.
  4. Paint which you can buy from a home center or store.
  5. Screws that you can purchase at Walmart.
  6. Cement which would depend on your application.

Here’s a tutorial on how it’s done! 

What Are The Benefits Of A Homemade Garden Hose Hanger?

A homemade garden hose hanger has several benefits. Whether you’re an avid gardener who makes use of your hose daily or you are a homeowner who uses it occasionally, storing it properly is vital to ensure longevity.

I mean, nobody wants to buy a new hose every six months or so, do they? So, let’s have a look at the benefits of a homemade garden hose hanger below.


• A hose hanger ensures that your hose is properly stored.
• A hose hanger is easy to construct.
• It is a very low maintenance mechanism that keeps things neat and tidy.
• You would never have to worry about your hose getting easily damaged from the elements it’s exposed to when lying around.
• A hose hanger is inexpensive to make.
• The materials are easily available at your hardware store or home center.
• Cementing the hanger to the ground will ensure a steady structure.


So, are you ready to make your homemade garden hose hanger? Why not give yourself peace of mind with a securely stored hose instead of having it lying around. For less than $50 you can build your own hose hanger according to your preference and style and erect it anywhere in your yard or garage.

 How high should a hose hanger be?

Convenience is key especially when you have a busy lifestyle. Hoses are essential garden tools that offer this luxury as you would no longer have to transport buckets of water when washing the yard or watering the plants. With a hose hanger, your job becomes even easier.

You would just have to unreal the hose when you want to use it and wrap it around the hanger when you’re done. How convenient is that! If you look at other hose storage options, they can be a hassle if you don’t have the space while other can be quite expensive to install.

Therefore, a homemade garden hose hanger is the best choice! Click on the link to learn more about building your own garden hose hanger. 


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